About Us

Facts About Us

A non-profit organization registered under 501c3 law with a federal tax ID number and a tax exempt status

A total of 341 scholarships have been awarded worth a total of $ 378,50

A college savings matching program was initiated to support Circassian families saving for their young 0-6 year old children. CEF matches up to $ 1000 of parents' contributions to a child's college savings fund.

CEF has started a Circassian Education Endowment Fund with a plan for a non-profit Circassian private school in the near future.

CEF has conducted numerous workshops for students and parents on college application planning, public speaking, preparation for college, SAT readiness, etc

CEF’s administrative cost is extremely low, including accounting and fundraising expenses only. Otherwise the CEF has never had any compensated admins. CEF’s entire work for the past 10 years has been provided by volunteers. The CEF income is from philanthropic donations and fundraising events

Our Board Of Directors

  • Chris Watts
    Farouk KazroshCo Founder
  • Kahtan BarsbayPresident
  • Yeldar TaherVise President
  • Sean HajoNational Rep
  • Ridwan ShabsighInternational Rep
  • Koushby MajagahAuditor
  • Elbrus BasmoukTreasurer
  • Rania VaroquaCEO