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Important Scholarship Dates
  • August 20th application opened online
  • October 12th application closed online
  • September 20th Orientation meeting at the CBA (mandatory to attend)
  • October 12th deadline to submit all original documents
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Welcome Circassian Brothers and Sisters
The Circassian Education Foundation was established in March 2005 as a non profit charitable organization in the state of New Jersey. Its mission is to promote education, culture, knowledge and acquisition of modern life skills to all Circassians in the USA and the world. It shall specifically emphasize the inspiration and support of children and youth toward higher education. The first 2 projects of the Circassian Education Foundation are a scholarship program and an internet Circassian language dictionary.

Interest in promoting and encouraging education enjoys a high priority amongst the vast majority of the Circassian community. The Circassian tradition has extended a long way in emphasizing education and especially in investing time and effort in the education of children. One of the major purposes of the establishment of the Circassian Education Foundation is the promotion and facilitation of children and youth education. It is in response to all these inspirations that the Circassian Education Foundation takes the initiative to establish a scholarship program for the benefit of the Circassian youth in the USA. The purpose, eligibility and online application for the scholarship program are available on this website.

The Foundation will collaborate with the Circassian Benevolent Association and all individuals interested in charitable projects. We would like to ask you to lend your support to the education of our children and youth. We hope that the establishment of the Circassian Education Foundation will herald a new era of making education a high priority in our community.

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College Students Meet and Greet night at the CBA
Photos from 2007 Scholarship Awards Dinner.
Photos from 2006 Scholarship Awards Dinner.
Photos from 2006 Fundraiser Dinner.
Photos from 2005 Scholarship Awards Dinner.